The Ultimate Guide to Christian Writing Conferences

Most Writers Waste Their Time and Money at Writing Conferences. 

After teaching at more than 100 writing conferences, I’ve seen it all. And I can confidently say that 85% of writers approach conferences all wrong. That’s why we’ve developed this guide. I want writers to thrive and set themselves up for the greatest chance of success possible.

Here’s What’s Included In The Full Guide:


  • 2.5 Hours of video teaching
  • 30+ page workbook
  • Exercises
  • Worksheets
  • Email templates for getting a mentor
  • 25 questions you can ask at a writing conference 
  • How to win people to your side 
  • How to craft an excellent pitch 
  • The spiritual component of writing conferences

About The FULL Ultimate Conference Guide

I’ve seen countless authors make the same mistakes, time and time again at writing conferences around the country. I don’t want that to be you. 

If we haven’t met, I’m James L. Rubart.

I’ve been keynoting, teaching, and mentoring at writing conferences for the past twelve years. I’ve seen it all. The good, the bad, and the downright mind-boggling.

What I’ve done is take everything I’ve learned, plus gleaned from conversations with agents, editors, and conference directors and gathered it in one place (this video series) in order to help those a few steps behind me on the publishing path maximize their conference experience, whether you’ve been to zero conferences, or 100.

You’re investing in yourself by going to a conference. Excellent! Now invest a small amount of money to make it the best conference experience you’ve ever had.

What’s My Investment?

Going to conferences without being prepared is a huge expense. I’ve seen writers spend thousands on conferences, year after year, repeating the same mistakes.

I want things to be different for you. I want you to do what I did — get an agent within 6 months, and get published within 4 years. 

Your investment? Just $47.

And the truth us, If you implement the lessons in this course, it will easily pay for itself ten times over.

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