The Ultimate Guide to Christian Writing Conferences

About The Ultimate Guide

You made it! Yes!

My son Taylor and I have created this video course because we want to see writers make the most of their writing conferences.

There are two versions. A short version (1 hr) and a long version (2.5 hours.)

Below you’ll find the free short version. To access it, just click play. 

If after watching it you’re interested in the long version, where you get the extended teaching, plus the 35 page workbook, just click here.

And we’d love to get your feedback on what you liked and where we can improve. Email us at: 

To you, and your next writing conference being a stunning success!

    The Ultimate Guide


    Just click play on the video to watch the ultimate guide.

    We’ve broken it down into four sections:

    1. Pre Conference Prep (2 – 12 mins)
    2. At The Conference — (12 – 39 mins)
    3. Post Conference —(39 – 48 mins)
    4. Spiritual Components — (48 – 55 mins)


    Want The Complete Course?


    In the whole course, you’ll get extended answers from Jim, as well as a 35 page workbook with exercises. It’s currently in the works, but you can pre order it below and we’ll send it to you in 2 – 3 weeks when it’s finished.

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