Is this you?

  • You’re thinking the down time we’re all currently in could be used to give your writing career a huge boost forward.
  • You’ve been to writing conferences over the years but are frustrated that your writing dreams are in a lot of ways still only dreams.
  • You’d love to know how to create stories that make editors and agents sit up and say, “Yes! That’s what I’ve been looking for!” 
  • You want to figure out how to stay motivated even when everything in you is screaming to give up.
  • You’d love to figure out your identity, who you are at your core … you’d love to understand what theme of your life is.

The above are just a few of the reasons my son Taylor and I created The Rubart Writing Academy. 

I wanted to take my best material from the past twelve years of teaching at writing conferences and put it all in one place.

I wanted to show writers specifically what I did to become a Christy Hall of Fame author (and it probably isn’t what you’re thinking).

I wanted to teach writers the four Pillars of Publication that would shave years of time and boatloads of money off their journey. (And a fifth pillar that is the most powerful and life changing of the five.)

And The Rubart Writing Academy was born with our first live event in the fall of 2017. 

We also created an online version of the Academy but have only released it twice. With all that’s going on in the world right now (the extra time you likely have) we decided this is the perfect time to open it to students for the third time. 

The 8+ hour video course is comprehensive and will show you exactly what you need to do to take your writing career higher than it’s ever been. (And it’s the same material we teach during the live Academy.)

There are five primary parts. We call the first four the Four Pillars of Publication:

  • The Pillar of Craft
    • How I created the stories that made me a Christy Hall of Fame author.  Plus character development, writing from the deep places, fundamentals even seasoned authors overlook, what editors, agents, and readers want in their stories, and much more.
  • The Pillar of Branding and Marketing
    • How to discover your brand, and then implement it in every aspect of your marketing. Plus how to build a website, email marketing, social media and the foundational marketing truth the majority of authors (and most companies) get wrong. 
  • The Pillar of Business
    • How to work with agents and editors, how to figure out whether you should go indie or traditional, how to develop excellent time management habits, set goals, develop Olympic caliber networking skills, along with an understanding of the other elements of the business side of publishing
  • The Pillar of Motivation and Inspiration
    • How to stay motivated (dare we say even inspired?) when you feel like giving up. The key actions you need to take to stay on the path. Plus stories from my journey that will give you great hope, even when hope seems like it’s vanished forever.

And finally what makes The Rubart Writing Academy online course different from any other writing course … what other writing courses never teach you … and what we believe is the most life changing aspect of what we teach.

  • Discovering Your Core Identity 
    • In this session we teach you how to discover what the theme of your life is, who you are at your core, what your passion is, what drives you, and then show you how to infuse your theme into every part of your writing career. To create truly compelling stories, you must know who you are at your core. You must know the theme of your life. Once you do, your writing will flow out like it never has before. You’ll create stories that matter. Stories with massive impact. Imagine the feeling when someone writes and says you’ve utterly transformed their life. That starts with discovering your true identity. 

You’ll also receive a 120 page workbook full of additional resources as well as four exclusive Q & A sessions with Jim that answer questions he’s most asked by writers.

Deb says:

I finished the “Identity” module of the online course. I have to say, it blew me away. When I first heard of your Academy, that is the piece that drew me to want to attend.

Thank you! I know I’ll continue meditating on this, refining, and finding ways to write that 10-year-old warrior into my stories.

How Do I Know This Will Work for You? — I’m teaching you the precise techniques I’ve used over the past years to become a best-selling author and win:

  • 5 Christy Awards
  • Three Carol Awards
  • Three INSPY Awards
  • RT Book Review’s Inspirational Novel of the Year
  • Mentor of the Year

And allowed me, in January 2020, induction into the Christy Hall of Fame. 

I don’t mention this to boast — I mention it to tell you that it’s completely within your reach, and I’m going to show you exactly how I did it. And how you can do it too. 

“I would recommend the Rubart Writing Academy to a friend who wants to write on any end of the spectrum. From beginner with a desire, to a published writer who might wonder if there is more down the road from them.”

— Chris Moore, Live Academy Graduate

“It is the best money I have spent on my craft. Ever. It truly is. I would have paid double for it. It is invaluable.”

— Nick Kording, Live Academy Graduate

Your Investment

There are two ways to join

  • Pay In Full — $695
  • Monthly Payments — $65 a month for 12 months

And there’s absolutely no risk. We offer a 30 day, no questions, no obligation money back guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with the course you pay nothing.

What do our previous online students say about it?

Don Hunter says:

“Thank you for the Online Rubart Writing Academy. I haven’t been able to get through as much of the material as I had hoped by this point, but what I have done is not only immensely helpful to my writing career, but life-changing as well.”

I think Lisa Nixon explains it best:

“I am loving the video course! Excellent information, efficiently delivered, encouraging, and refreshingly different. At this time, it fits my schedule so I can work at a pace that allows me to assimilate it thoroughly. I am learning not only about my craft, but about perspective – how I see myself and how others see me. Who knew it was an essential part of the writing process! 

Thank you for such a great course!” 

PLUS, if you take the online course and love it so much you want to come to the live Academy, you can apply all of your online tuition to the in-person Academy (our student Deb Gorman attended our live Academy in March of this year, and so did Allison Duke attended in Colorado in 2019)

Are you ready to end the confusion and frustration?

To have a clear direction for your publishing journey?

To shave years and money off your publishing journey?

Go here to sign up for the online version of The Rubart Writing Academy.