The title of this post says, “How to Feel Better and Get More Creative in 60 Seconds.”

That’s slightly misleading.

Depending on how big your home is, you can start the process of boosting your emotional state and getting your creative juices flowing to a greater degree in less than 10 seconds.


Get outside.

At The Rubart Writing Academy live events, we tell our students to explore nature, how C.S. Lewis used to take a walk every day–and they should do the same.

We remind them that seeing a photo of a sunset on their computer and sitting outside watching a sunset are two vastly different experiences.

But I didn’t truly understand the power of being in nature until I read two articles in Outside Magazine that prove how important the practice is.

You want to have less depression? (And yeah, us creative types deal with that, right?) Check out The Nature Cure.

Want to see your creativity shift into a higher gear? Take a look at The New Science of the Creative Brain on Nature.

And the good news is even walking in a city park for 25 minutes will improve your creativity.

Taylor says something I love. “Dad, I want to be known as a person who spends more time outdoors than he does indoors.”

And that’s coming from someone who lives in the northwest corner of Washington state where when the sun comes out they cry, “What’s that strange yellow thing in the sky!”

So do it. If you haven’t been to the woods lately, go. If it’s been ages since you’ve driven out to a nearby lake, take the time. If the last hike you went on is too long ago to remember, set a date today.

Your creativity and your emotions will thank you.