Blairsville, GA — April 25 - 28, 2019


The Rubart Writing Academy is coming East! Learn the four pillars of publication in Blairsville Georgia, April 2019

A four day, in person writing Academy, designed to show you your core identity, so you can get published and share your stories with the world.

This is What You’ll Learn


Learn to network with anyone, and establish valuable industry connections


Navigate the business side of publishing — editors, agents, contracts, etc. 


A clear, personalized path to publication


Easy and effective marketing strategies


Connection with other writers on the same journey


Discover your true identity and calling as a writer

The Academy

The Rubart Writing Academy is a four day writing intensive focused on the Four Pillars of Publication.

You, along with 8 other writers, will get group instruction, one on one coaching with Jim, and leave with a customized road map, specifically made for you, so you will know exactly what you need to do to get published.

No more guessing. No more wondering. You’ll finally have a clear roadmap to publication.

The Four Pillars of Publication

The Rubart Writing Academy is a four day writing intensive focused on the Four Pillars of Publication.

You, along with 8 other writers, will get group instruction, one on one coaching with Jim, and leave with a customized road map, specifically made for you, so you will know exactly what you need to do to get published.

No more guessing. No more wondering. You’ll finally have a clear roadmap to publication.


The precise steps on how to create compelling fiction that editors, agents, and ultimately readers, can’t get enough of. 


You’ll learn the secrets of traditional and indie publishing, how to create a network of champions who will open doors for you, and how to navigate all the intricacies of the business side of publishing.


Did you know talent isn’t the key ingredient in publishing success? We’ll tell you what is, and teach you how to stay motivated and inspired even when you feel like giving up.

No more guessing. No more wondering. You’ll finally have a clear roadmap to publication.


You’ll discover your own, unique personal brand and how that is the foundation of all of your marketing. Plus, how to create outstanding marketing even if you’re an introvert and marketing intimidates you!
You’ll also learn how to build a website with impact, how to execute email marketing, and build a social media following.

Don’t Just Take It From Us

We’ve had the great honor to work with over 40 writers, from multiple countries, and a multitude of backgrounds. Here’s what they have to say about their experience.

“This was worth every penny I have paid, every favor I had to call in”

“I have the confidence to know that this is what I am supposed to be doing, and I have the tools to do it”

“This experience has given me the guidence to continue on. I’ve made lifelong friends. Don’t let fear hold you back from making this jump”

“I would pay three times over to come to this again”

“It’s so focused on each of us individually, and focused on each one of us. It’s all about finding your identity”

“I would have paid double for it. This is hands down the best money I have spent on my craft ever.”

What Makes The Academy Different From Everything Else

One On One Time


You’ll have personalized attention from Jim and critiques of your writing, not just general tips on how to improve.

Marketing Consultation

We’ll show you exactly how to market to your target readers, in a natural and personal way

Lasting Relationships 

Developing friendships with other writers is one of the most rewarding parts of this profession, and you’ll make life long friends at the Academy

Customized Plan

No writing journey is the same, which is why we develop a personalized, actionable plan for you to follow until you get published

The Team

James L. Rubart

James is 28 years old, but lives trapped inside an older man’s body. He thinks he’s still young enough to water ski like a madman and dirt bike with his two sons. He loves to send readers on journeys they’ll remember years after they finish one of his stories. He’s a best-selling author who has won three Christy Awards, including the Christy Book of the Year, the Carol Award, the INSPY Award, and the RT Book Reviews Inspirational Novel of the Year, among others. He is the author of nine novels, is hired to speak about writing around the country, and is the co-host of the Novel Marketing podcast. In 2016, he was named ACFW Mentor of the Year.

Taylor Rubart

Taylor is the owner of Flannel Media, a video production and video marketing company based in Bellingham Washington. He left his job in 2016 to pursue his dream, so understands the fear and excitement authors feel when pursuing theirs. Taylor is the behind the scenes guy, videographer, photographer and social media director at the Rubart Writing Academy. He’s incredibly excited to join his father to help aspiring authors create a legacy, and go after their passions full steam ahead.


If You’ve Read This Far, What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re like many writers, you’ve been to conferences. You’ve attended workshops. You’ve read the books. Yet, after all that, you still don’t know which direction to move in.

The truth is, we live in a world of abundance. We have so much information, we don’t know what to do with it all. That’s why the Rubart Writing Academy exists — to give you great information, yes, but more importantly, show you how to apply it all to your own writing journey.

Don’t spend any more time being overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. Join the Rubart Writing Academy today, and get direction, guidance, and a plan to get your work published.


What’s My Investment?

What’s your dream worth?

What are years of frustration costing you? How much is your time worth to you? What if you could shave off 6 years from your journey to publication? Can you afford to keep your story inside of you? Will you step into your dream, and make it a reality? Or will you continue to dream about writing novels, getting published, but never do so?

Take the plunge, step into your dream.


What’s Included:

  • Pillar of Craft
  • Pillar of Business
  • Pillar of Marketing
  • Pillar of Motivation
  • Personalized publishing roadmap
  • 120 page workbook
  • Professional author headshots
  • Access to private online writing group
  • All lunches included
  • Book launch checklist
  • Avatar exercise — find your ideal reader
  • Learn how to build a compelling website
  • Learn how to build profitable email list
  • Build a following on social media
  • Rubart Writing Academy graduation certificate
  • Dinner Q&A with James L. Rubart

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Academy being held?

There will be no more than 12 writers attending The Rubart Writing Academy.

This is to insure personalized attention to all who attend throughout the entire process.


Who is The Academy geared for?

We’ve seen writer with 15 books published attend, and we’ve seen writers with no books published, who just started writing. The Academy is for the writer who wants to unlock the keys to making their writing dream come true sooner than later.


Will The Academy work for me?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: We’ve graduated over 22 students from The Rubart Writing Academy since October 2017. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been writing for 10 years, The Academy will work for you.

But you don’t have to take it from us:

“I’m energized because I feel now that I can go out and really nail it, so I’m hoping that that’ll happen and I have every faith that it will. I’m anxious to get busy and put it all to work. I would definitely recommend someone to attend the Academy. It’s an invaluable experience.”
-Flo Parfitt, Academy Graduate

“The cost was a big deal for me. So was leaving my kids… The first night here when I got back to my hotel room, I literally said this to myself, it is literally worth every single penny I paid, every single favor I had to call in. It was totally, totally worth all the investment.”
– Grace Rocca, October ‘17 Graduate

“One of my biggest questions was, ‘is this really what I’m supposed to be doing?’ Now I have the confidence to know this IS what I’m supposed to be doing, and I have the tools to do it”
– Wendy S. Miller, Academy Graduate

“It’s certainly worth the money. The amount of stuff packed into the four days is invaluable. Now I know where to go. I’ve been doing all kinds of things as a writer, but now I have a clear direction of what to do next”
-Jess Rivas, Academy Graduate

Who is The Academy geared for?

We’d love to have you join us, even if you don’t write fiction. We’ve had a number of non-fiction writers come through The Academy, and they’ve found our teachings on Craft, Business, Marketing, and Motivation to be invaluable.


Shouldn’t I be spending my money and time where editors and agents are?

Yes. Eventually. However, many writers attend conferences, hoping to speak with an editor or agent long before they’re ready. If you haven’t mastered craft, if you don’t know how to talk business to an editor or agent, you’ll just be one of the hundreds they see, and you won’t make a lasting impact. At the Academy, you’ll learn HOW to speak to editors and agents, so when you do talk with them, you’ll be landing book deals, NOT just attending another conference.


Traditional vs. Indie Publishing

The Academy is perfect for writers seeking traditional publishing as well as writers who want to indie publish. All the content we teach at The Academy is applicable to both kinds of writers.


How is The Academy different from everything I’ve been to in the past?

Rubart Writing Academy is unlike any conference or training you’ve been to before, and it is a far cry from a traditional “writing academy”. Instead of teaching you only one aspect of writing, the Rubart Writing Academy will train you on the Four Pillars of Publishing so you’ll see the big picture of what you need to do, which will get you published faster, saving years of work and thousands of dollars. Plus, as we already mentioned, you’ll walk away with a specific plan of action. No more guessing. No more wondering. You’ll have a customized action plan.


Where is The Academy being held?

The Academy is being held in Blairsville, GA on the South Carolina and Georgia border.  

Are meals included?

We ask that you bring $50 to help pay for food. You’ll also recieve loding at the home where it is beind held! All for $50.  

Where should I stay?

You’ll stay in the house where we are holding The Academy. For only $50, you get meals and lodging. 

Will I need to share a bed with someone?

Yes — if that is something you are not comfortable with, there are a number of hotels in the area. 

I still have a question!

No problem — you can always email us. Just visit the contact us page by clicking here

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