Become The Writer You’re Meant To Be.

A four day, in person writing Academy, where you’ll discover the theme of your life, learn craft, marketing & branding, the business side of publishing, and find motivation & inspiration, so you can get published and share your stories with the world.

Unleash Your True Potential

The sad truth? Most writers never reach their full potential. And it’s not for lack of trying.

You go to conference after conference, year after year, and don’t progress. You work on craft, but aren’t sure if you’re getting anywhere. You know you need to be marketing — but how? You’re stuck in second gear going 25mph, when you should be doing 75mph on the highway.

So what’s the secret? It’s what our 70+ graduates have discovered. It’s about much more than writing. You have to discover your true identity, and the theme of your life. I’ll show you how. You need a roadmap, a step by step plan you can follow. That’s what The Academy is all about.


The State of the Academy

The Journey is Finished

Last year, we came to the mutual decision to bring this season of our lives to a close. Wow, did we love the ride! But with elements of both our lives changing, we knew it was time to be done. Will we ever hold another Academy? Yes, anything is possible. But for the moment, our live Academies are over and we’re on to new adventures. 

Questions? You can email Jim at: Reach Taylor at: 


What Our Grads Say

Over 70 students have been through The Academy.

Here’s what a few of them have to say.

“I really wasn’t sure, when I signed up for it if it was a wise investment — but it turned out to be a profoundly rewarding and enriching experience. I couldn’t be happier with having come here.

Jess Lederman

October '19 Graduate

“I want people to know what this place means. I want people to know what an environment like this can do for a person.  I am so grateful I was here.”

Chris Moore

May '18 Graduate

“You guys call it an Academy — it’s really a soul searching journey. There was the aspect of, this is who you are. Not just telling us, but drawing it out of us.”

Melinda Poling

February '20 Graduate

“It’s hard for me to imagine that there is another place that somebody just starting out could have a better experience and get better information and be better prepared to go down the writing journey.”

Chris Moore

May '18 Graduate

“One of my biggest questions was, ‘is this really what I’m supposed to be doing?’ Now I have the confidence to know this IS what I’m supposed to be doing, and I have the tools to do it”

Wendy Miller

October '17 Graduate

“Whenever I see a 5 star review, I think “that’s good it worked for you”, but I’m always skeptical I’ll like it as much. I would give my own five star review right now if I could. There are 100 other writing conferences out there, but there’s only 1 Rubart Writing Academy. It’s different than anything else out there.

David Appelgate

February '20 Graduate

“Writing is a calling, it’s not just a job, and it’s not just an activity that I do because I like it. It’s a calling from God, and one that I am to take seriously, and The Rubart Writing Academy gave me the tools to do that.”

Jenny Lamont Leo

April '18 Graduate

“As high as my expectations were, it exceeded them. You can’t find this anywhere else. I’ve looked. The Rubart Writing Academy is what I’ve been looking for in other writers conferences and couldn’t find. And it was worth every penny I spent, and more.”

Stephanie Sanders

April '19 Graduate

“People might think it’s a lot of money, and it’s a far distance. And they’re right. It is a lot of money, and it is a far distance. But it is THE BEST money I have spent on my craft. Ever. I would have paid double to be here.”

Nick Kording

October '19 Graduate

Meet Your Guides

James L. Rubart

Jim is 28 years old, but lives trapped inside an older man’s body. He thinks he’s still young enough to water ski like a madman and dirt bike with his two sons.

He loves to send readers on mind-bending spiritual journeys they’ll remember years after they finish one of his stories.

He’s a best-selling multi-award winning author (Christy Hall of Fame, Carol Award, INSPY Award, and the RT Book Reviews Inspirational Novel of the Year) of 10 novels. 

He speaks on writing and branding around the country, and in 2016 was named ACFW Mentor of the Year. He lives with his amazing wife on a small lake in eastern Washington. 

Taylor Rubart

Taylor is the owner of Flannel Media, a video production and video marketing company based in Bellingham, Washington.

He left his job in 2017 to pursue his dream, so understands the fear and excitement authors feel when pursuing theirs. Taylor is the behind the scenes guy, videographer, photographer and Creative Director at the Rubart Writing Academy.

He loves working with his dad to help authors create a legacy, and go after their passion with their whole heart. 

The Curriculum

We’ll cover a lot of ground in our four days together. We begin on Thursday afternoon, and wrap up Sunday at 11:00. In our four days together, you’ll learn your identity, the theme of your life, branding, marketing, social media, website design, the business of publishing, how to stay motivated, and much more. 

Day 1

Identity & Theme of your Life

Do you know what the theme of your life is? Your true identity? This is where all great writing starts. You tell us your five favorite movies and we’ll tell you the theme of your life, which will guide you in everything you do.

Day 2

Craft & Marketing / Branding

How do you write compelling characters? Stories people can’t get enough of? That’s what we’ll dive into. 

Marketing and Branding is all about showing you how to get noticed in a world of hundreds of other writers. 

Day 3

Business of Publishing

How do you impress editors? How do you get an agent? What are publishing houses looking for? You’ll know exactly how to get their attention.

Day 4

Motivation & Inspiration

Writing is hard. Our final day is about showing you how to keep going when you feel like giving up, as well as hearing inspirational stories from Jim’s journey. 

Want a detailed schedule? Click the button below: 

What Makes The Academy So Different?

The Academy is limited to 10 people per Academy, and held in a private home.

Most writing workshops focus on craft — that’s fine, but it doesn’t go to the core of what you need to know to be a success. You need to know yourself, and what drives you to write stories. Only then can you write stories that are life changing.

You’ll Also Get

One on One Time

Each attendee will get 15 minutes of one on one time with Jim, and 15 minutes with Taylor. This time can be used to discuss anything related to your writing journey.

Author Headshots

Since Taylor is a professional photographer, you’ll get updated headshots. 

New Friends

Each Academy, we are thrilled to see writers  make deep connections with one another. 

Customized Roadmap

Two weeks after The Academy, you’ll receive a customized roadmap, showing you exactly what you need to do to reach your writing goals.

Writing Critique

Jim will critique any five pages of your writing.

Access To A Private Group

The journey doesn’t stop after you graduate from The Academy. Upon your graduation, you’ll be invited to join our private online writing group. 

What’s My Investment? 

What’s your dream worth? What are years of frustration costing you? How much is your time worth to you? What if you could shave off four, five, or even six years from your journey to publishing success? Can you afford to keep your story inside of you? Will you step into your dream, and make it a reality? Or will you continue to dream about reaching your publishing dreams? 

There are two ways to pay — you can pay in full ($1785) or use the payment plan ($325 for six months). 

Take the leap. The time is now.

I came here expecting excellence, and I will not leave here disappointed. They are speaking truth into our lives. When a creative person understands who they are, it’s an amazing thing. I leave here with a greater sense of who I am, and how it can be used for the purpose I’ve always wanted my gifts used for.

Steve Watkins

Graduate, October '19

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Academy For?

We’ve seen writers with 15 books published attend, and we’ve seen writers with no books published. We’ve seen fiction and non fiction writers attend. Overall, the Academy is for the writer who wants to unlock the keys to making their future writing dreams come true sooner than later.

Where Will I Stay?

We rent a local Airbnb for our time together, and you can rent a private or shared room there. You can also choose to stay off site. Priority will be given to those who sign up first.

Are Meals Included?

We provide lunches, and light snacks throughout. Dinner on Thursday night will be takeout, Friday night will be a group dinner out, and Saturday is on your own. 

Will We Get Free Time?

Yes, there will be time for quiet reflection, getting to know the rest of the attendees, and unstructured conversation time.  

Do We Get 1:1 Time?

Yes, you’ll get one on one time with both Jim and Taylor, to talk about anything to do with your writing career. 

Will We Get a Writing Critique?

Yes, Jim will provide a writing critique for all who attend. Details will be provided upon registration.

Where Is the Academy Held?

No matter the city, we hold it in a private home. We know it creates a more desirable atmosphere than a hotel conference room.

Should I Attend A Conference First?

The Academy prepares you to make a great impression at conferences, so we suggest attending The Academy first.

I Have Another Question

Ask away! Email us at:

Do I Need a Manuscript?

Nope! We’ve had people come through The Academy with zero prior experience. 

How Many Writers Will Attend?

No more than 10 writers will attend each Academy.

What Happens After the Academy?

A few weeks after the Academy, you’ll get your customized Road Map that will give you specific direction for your career. And you’ll immediately be added to the Rubart Writing Academy private Facebook group where you’ll get ongoing tips and ideas, as well as connect with grads from other Academies.

If You’ve Read This Far, What Are You Waiting For?

The Rubart Writing Academy is what I wish I had when I started out my writing career. To develop friendships, skills, my identity – it would have been priceless. Now I have a chance to offer that same thing to up and coming writers and authors. If you’re thinking about attending but aren’t sure, you can reach out to me personally. My email is james [at]

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