The Rubart Writing Academy teaches authors everything they need to know to get published, and share their stories with the world.

James L. Rubart and his son Taylor started the Rubart Writing Academy in October 2016 to help writers discover their identity (the theme of their life) and navigate the often confusing, sometimes frustrating world of publishing.

Moving away from “tips and tricks” and toward action oriented advice that works, they show writers exactly what they need to do to get published, saving years of confusion and frustration.

They provide writers all the tools, information, and inspiration they need to see their writing dreams become reality.

Our Graduates


Since 2017, we’ve graduated 60 students from The Rubart Writing Academy.

Will you be next?

Class of October 2017

Jess Rivas

Wendy Miller

Martha Artyomenko

Grace Rocca

Flo Parfitt

Nancy Sweetland

Beth Kinzer

Class of April 2018

Jeff Hulse

Jan Cline

Evelyn Beck

Suzanne Kuchynka

Jenny Leo

Kathy Rae

Class of May 2018

Tammie Fickas

Dana Williams

Sue Rau

Corrine DeRosa

Anna Johnson

Chris Moore

Sheri Bacon

Beth King

Sandy Frykholm

Class of October 2018

Nik Kording

Becca Peterson

Brian Chism

Bev Simons

Crystal Woodall

Teresa Pollard

Class of March 2019

Kelly Willbanks

Alice Law

Kevin Schreiner

Kathy Myers

Chris Ayre

Tom Sullivant

Class of April 2019

Carol Roper

Debra Koontz Roberson

Becky Lamb

Tammy Karasek

Kristen Stieffel

Daphne Woodall

Stephanie Sanders

Molly Jo Realy

Jeannie McPhail 

Yolanda Smith

Cam Molineux

Class of October 2019

Kyrene Roy

Pat Schantz

Carolyn Rice

Jess Lederman

Hank Bowles

Tamara Schierkolk

Nancy Aguilar

Erin Kohler

Steve Watkins

Wendy Smith

Jessica Bertrand

Jeanne Takenaka

Allison Duke

Lisa Wholley

Bryan Canter

Will You Be Next?

Join us for The Rubart Writing Academy, and see your writing life utterly transformed. 

The Team

James L. Rubart

James L. Rubart is the best selling, multi-award winning author — Christy BOOK of the YEAR, CAROL, INSPY and RT Book Reviews — of ten novels. He loves to send readers on mind-bending journeys they’ll remember months after they finish one of his stories.

In 2017 he won the ACFW Mentor of The Year award— a reflection of the passion he has for teaching others his techniques and strategies so they too can become bestselling, award winning authors.

Even more, he loves helping them discover the theme of their life, which brings a freedom and direction for their writing (and their lives) that will launch them to greater heights than they’ve ever imagined.

Taylor Rubart

Taylor left a successful career in advertising in 2017 to follow his dream: Start a marketing and video production company called Flannel Media.

He brings his expertise in marketing, website creation, and social media to The Rubart Writing Academy and teaches the students at the Academy how to promote themselves online in a way that feels un-forced, and authentic.

He’s also the behind the scenes guy at The Rubart Writing Academy, and coordinates all the details of every live event.

Marque Flick

Marque is the latest addition to the team! She brings the administrative and organizational expertise that makes The Rubart Writing Academy run smoothly.

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We believe writers must discover the theme of thier lives and their true identity in order to write life changing fiction. We developed The Rubart Writing Academy to do exactly that.

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